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ROOFING For Residential, Commercial & Industrial
In recognition of our customers who seek the most cost effective alternative regarding their plastics roofing needs, we give the greatest effort. By offering the greatest value possible, we assist our customers in making a sound decision regarding the roofing services they require, while specifically tailoring their needs to their budget.  Before we start, every job is surveyed and measured.

In Arita Plastics, we offer the highest quality production standards in the plastic industry, ensure quality assured performance and provide the knowledge and resources necessary to achieve the finest and most cost-effective roofing solutions possible.

Product Features
- Impressive Outlook
- Durability
- Weather Resistance
- High light transmission
- Effective UV Screening
- Fracture & Chemical Resistance
- Heat Stability
- Minimum Maintenance


- Industrial & Agriculture building
- Carports
- Verandas
- Skylight
- Home Extension
- Swimming Pool Covers
and others.......