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A-PLAS COMMERCIAL SIGNAGES can be used for a variety of applications, such as:

Business Signs
Commercial Signs
Directory Signs
Location Signs
Suspended Signs
Free Standing Signs
Post & Panel Outdoor Signs
Wall & Door Signs
Scrolling Signs
Multimedia Signs
Channel Letter Signs

Arita Plastic has always bear in mind that the Corporate Image of our clients is critical important when doing a signage, which in turn to be part of our working process the signage must be contained with our design elements and consideration.

Specially selected A-PLAS QUALITY EXTRUDED PLASTICS SHEET can be used in both Thermoforming and Vacuum Forming with combination of 5 Axis NC Router Cutting Machine to produce desired result.
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Plastic Sheet for Signage making must has the functionalities below:
- Excellent Impact Strength
- Ease Of Forming & Fabrication
- Weather Resistance
- Chemical Resistance
- Maintain Brightness and Colors
- Reasonable Cost

For Indoor Application
It does not need the UV Protection, but the durability to last over time that counts.

For Outdoor Application
For long term outdoor performance, UV Protection is a must.

Our Technical and Fabrication Assistance are readily provided.